This exhibition encompasses mainly landscapes. Moments when certain light and colours cause heightened emotions. Places that stay in the mind. I try to capture the essential elements through sketching at the scene and from photographs. Encapsulating intuitive aesthetic qualities that relate to my mood or feelings at the time of producing the finished work, or experiment. My work is greatly inspired by the paintings at the Wallace Collection & the National Portrait Gallery.

Alison Kusner is both fine artist and freelance gallery educator with several years experience. She began by teaching children with learning disabilities and then ran an art department in a secondary school before becoming involved in gallery education. She teaches weekly at the National Portrait Gallery and Wallace Collection, passing on her passion through practical workshops and lectures.

She has gained a wide range of experience of working with people of all ages and abilities, including working with adults and children with learning disabilities, blind and visually impaired individuals.


  • Gallery, London
  • Lauderdale House Gallery
  • The South Kensington Wine Bar, London
  • The Worlds End Tavern, London
  • Cottons Jazz Café, London
  • National Portrait Gallery, London
  • Collaborative Project Merton Civic Centre
  • Bankside Gallery
  • Bull & Last