Secondary Workshops

These sessions can be initiated with a whole staff INSET in one of the techniques offered (usually drawing techniques, or watercolour techniques).

Practical Workshops

These workshops can be for half a day, or a whole day and are aimed to teach the students new techniques and encourage self expression and experimentation.

Aims of the Workshops

Each workshop is tailor-made to suit the needs of the students participating and can be booked as an individual session or as a series of ongoing workshops which can be developed according to the the groups' requirements.

Some schools choose to have a different technique for each year group and a suggested project or theme is offered for each technique so that all of the classes are pursuing different themes and can discuss these in assemblies or through the displays.

The sessions provide

  • A thorough grounding in the techniques of each of the above media
  • Confidence and inspiration to experiment in a new material with alternative approaches
  • Creative activity resulting in each individual’s/ group(s) imaginative and technical development