Special Projects

These projects are can be run over a wide time span - usually 3-6 months. The children and teachers are taught techniques which are pursued, then displayed professionally. For the Summer schools children age 8-16 work together and explore a technique thoroughly, or a combination of techniques with a multi-media element. The children are provided with the highest quality materials.

These projects can also be done as introductory half day or one day sessions for primary age groups. The classes bring the picture out of the page with collage and mixed media work including using Mod roc.

Workshops involve

  • Exploring artist's techniques
  • Learning all techniques of the medium
  • A forum to share ideas
  • Working from life
  • Experimentation
  • Imaginative work
  • Collaborating with artists (e.g. musicians)
  • Displaying finished work professionally

Case Study

This ‘Celebrations Project’ ran for two terms in two Southwark schools. The Primary School children and teachers, were taught the basic techniques of watercolour painting and encouraged to experiment with different textures, tools and through using collage. The resulting work was displayed at Bankside Gallery with the help of artists, teachers and parents/carers.

For the National Portrait Gallery, special projects run with schools collaborating with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Children are taught to compose music inspired by the images they have produced and perform their work in front of the groups' images.

The Merton Council ‘Summer Plus Scheme’, provided a forum for younger children to develop their skills, techniques and confidence in their chosen medium (oil painting, sculpture, watercolour painting). The older students developed given projects and produced work for their portfolios in preparation for art college.