Using Galleries

These workshops develop alternative methods of recording what is seen, remembered or imagined. Galleries can be used as a starting point in initiating and developing ideas. Students gain further insight into the paintings / sculptures and their creation through copying them first hand. Ideas can be pursued in several subject areas.

Subjects Explored

  • Artist studies
  • Comparing artist' styles and techniques
  • English through visual literacy
  • Maths by developing design skills and creating patterns
  • History through acknowledging changes in styles, clothes and ideas
  • Themes - Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life

Techniques taught for sketchbook studies

  • Measuring
  • Tri-colour technique (from the Italian Masters)
  • Styles - Impressionism, Expressionism, Realism, Cubism, Surrealism
  • Cross - hatching, Pointillism
  • Drawing spaces between objects
  • Cover paper in charcoal and draw with rubbers (light only)
  • Potassium studies
  • Ink and wash studies
  • Movement drawings
  • Using tone to create form
  • Drawing from memory and imagination