Follow up workshop

A gallery tour can be booked as a two hour session with a one hour lecture or interactive discussion, followed by an hours drawing in the gallery.

Alternatively, if you choose to have a slide talk at your establishment you may wish to begin a project with regards to a chosen theme.

Any of the subjects explored in the lecture programme overview can be directly followed by a practical session, or you may choose to begin with one of the following subjects:

Subjects Explored

  • Expressionism
  • Modernism: Including Cubism, Pop Art & Surrealism
  • Self Portraits
  • The Changing Art of Portraiture
  • The Modern Face: Looking at recent methods of portraiture
  • In Close Up... looking at details of paintings to identify artist's techniques
  • Learn how to create effects of light and shadow and depth through painting landscapes
  • Capture mood and gesture in portraits
  • Make food look delicious when painting still life